Maverick Studio was created out of necessity. It came at a time in the evolution of personal grooming, which called for a barbershop catering to the distinctive modern person. A place they could call their own.

Maverick Studio is committed to offering the highest quality service from our friendly, educated, passionate, and skilled artisans who appreciate every small detail. In our modern barbershops we pay homage to time-honoured barbering traditions and elements. Our service Menu reflects an establishment which has its finger on the pulse of style and is at the forefront of innovation.

Maverick Studio is a family created, owned, and operated brand of barbershops. Our Southern Italian family comes from a rich hair history, with over 65 years in the industry providing a wealth of knowledge and experience.


Maverick first opened its doors in downtown Hamilton in 2010. Since that time Maverick has grown independently to include seven more locations across the GTA, Southern Ontario, and Halifax. We have contributed to, and helped define, barbershop standards and in doing so, elevating our clients’ experiences in our barbershops. We’ve done this while creating new jobs and providing a fulfilling career for our barbers.

Across our locations we maintain our commitment to: excellent service, providing a quality haircut, beard grooming or shave in a timely manner, ease of booking an appointment, and offering a well-rounded selection of premium products in a handsome, comfortable barbershop.


Maverick celebrates tradition. Honouring, inspiring, and practicing classic methods of grooming with our modern approach, to refine our guests of today and tomorrow. Leading to restore confidence and self-image.

Distinctive AND Modern Refined Grooming

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